Hello Members,

As mentioned in the latest newsletter. We encourage all members to invite friends and guests to enjoy a complimentary game at Oxley Golf Club to experience what we have to offer. So,if you would like to bring someone along to enjoy a game free of charge this offer is until the end of June. We look forward to meeting your guests when you bring them down!


  1. Must be a member of an affiliated Golf Club.

  2. Must provide a Golf link number.

  3. Subject to availability of tee times.

  4. Available on Wednesday / Friday / Saturday & Sunday competitions ONLY.

  5. Competition fee is optional for all guests.

  6. Not valid for any member of Oxley Golf Club.

  7. Not valid for any social or corporate groups.

  8. Not valid for Oxley District Veteran players on Monday’s.

  9. Available for both Men & Women.

  10. No Social Play.

  11. Limited to (1) game of golf per person.

  12. OGC has the right to refuse any golfer not adhering to the rules of the Golf Club.

OGC Management